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For the time being Mountain Sports Club has more than fifty members. Organization and administrative questions are governed by Board Members that consist of instructors and experienced athletes with huge mountaineering practice and experience. This experience includes participation and guidance of complex expeditions and climbs. Our birthday is May 10th, 1999. Next year, on May 10th, 2013 our club is going to celebrate 15th Anniversary. That is quite sufficient moment to speak about our initial results.
Tarlan Ramazanov

The club’s primary goals are mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering technique and trekking. Also club actively introduces mountaineering sports, active leisure and healthy lifestyle to the youth. Number of club members is rising every year.

Eldar Hüseynov
The MSC’s founders are Tarlan Ramazanov, Eldar Huseynov, Elman Ragimov, Elchin Mammadov and Dmitry Shiyanov. Dmitry Shiyanov also is an unchallenged trainer of mountaineering, ice-climbing, mountain technique and rock-climbing coach.

For the last 15 years club members has ascended all the significant summits of Azerbaijan via different routes ranging from 1st to 4th grade of difficulty and carried out several expeditions to The Central Caucasus. In 2003 after a long period of absence of Azerbaijani climbers on the highest summit of Russia and Europe – Mount

Elbrus – our club members ascended it. In January 2003 club members made first winter ascent to one of country highest mountains – Mount Shahdag (4343 m). That expedition was noted by very severe weather conditions.

In 2004 club members passed very hard and interesting traverse of Caspian Caucasus mountain ridge; several interesting pioneer routes were made.

Twice a year, usually in winter and summer, sometimes in low season, the club organizes expeditions to the mountains of Azerbaijan, Russia and Georgia. One of the goals of such expeditions is to train the beginners including initial mountaineering training. Most of athletes had gained their mountaineering grades. In 2005 the youngest club members, 13-14 years old, climbed the Heydar Summit .

Dmitriy Shiyanov

Several times the club held tracking marathons, where tourists would compete in orienteering on site. The teams walk very long routes (a few kilometers) on empty forest and mountainous countries with overnight stays in field conditions, using technical and tactical survival methods.

Yearly, since 2000, Azerbaijan Rock-climbing Championship has been held; it is an interesting first-class sport event that is very popular amongst athletes and spectators. Athletes train all year long to prepare for this tournament; on weekends they go to the rocks of Nardaran, Gobustan and Beshbarmag. By taking part in different tournament several club athletes have gained titles of masters of sports and candidate masters and got various grades in rock-climbing.

Also MSC is the founder of ice-climbing in Azerbaijan in 2000. Every winter our athletes visit Azerbaijan mountainous regions to train on the frozen waterfalls; ice-climbing tournaments were held by the club several times.
Our club organizes and conducts lectures and workshops on rescue techniques, survival, medicine, orienteering and other important topics on regular basis.

Also the club organizes regular intraclub tournaments regarding all above mentioned sports to educate the beginners and refresh the knowledge of experienced athletes.
We invite all persons interested to join us and help with popularization of mountain sports in Azerbaijan!

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