Mountaineering is a kind of sport which is aimed to ascents on mountains peaks. However, all mountaineers are sure that mountaineering is not the sport but a way of life, requiring various skills and habits. Plunge into the world of adventures, romanticism, risk and dangers by coming to mountaineering!
Mountaineering is one of the best kinds of active leisure for altitude and mountain lovers. Mountaineering is a challenge and persistence, motion on rocks, ice and snow with for the purpose of passing the route and reaching the top, and , the main thing, – returning home safe. Up there, on the top, there is a world without cities and civilization, routine and wordly vanity. Here, in this world, a mountaineer can stop, have a look around and touch beautiful and, at the same time, cruel land of nature.
Many mountaineers of different grades train in Mountains Sports Club. Join us, test your strength in mountaineering, discover a new world of adventures and various impressions – and you will see that life just begins!

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