Rock climbing.

Rock climbing is a kind of sport which is about climbing in natural (rocks) and artificial (climbing wall) relief. It was born as a subkind of mountaineering and soon grew into an independent kind of sport.
In addition, rock climbing is all about breathtaking heights, drive, exquisite and checked coordination of movements. Rock climbing regions most of the time are situated in beautiful mountainous zones, where every person can enjoy the magnificence of space, freash air, the nature, see new places and go through adventures entailed by every, even the shortest trip.
But if you are pure townsman with a lot of everyday and family concerns there are artificial rock – climbing rocks, which you don’t have to choose special time and opportunity for.
Rock climbing cultivates endurance, trains even those muscles which you didn’t know about; also it develops plastique, strength of will, memory and keenness of wit.
Rosk climbing is a priority activity of Mountain Sports Club. We have a lot of good rock climbers, and we have a lot of prize-winning places of main national championships. AnnualOpen Rock climbingCup of Mountaineering Federation is being won by Mountains Sports Club for few last years.
We invite all persons interested to join us and try themselves in beautiful and exciting sport – rock climbing!


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