Rock climbing.

We cannot display this galleryRock climbing is a kind of sport which is about climbing in natural (rocks) and artificial (climbing wall) relief. It was born as a subkind of mountaineering and soon grew into an independent kind of sport.
In addition, rock climbing is all about breathtaking heights, drive, exquisite and checkedWe cannot display this gallery coordination of movements. Rock climbing regions most of the time are situated in beautiful mountainous zones, where every person can enjoy the magnificence of space, freash air, the nature, see new places and go through adventures entailed by every, even the shortest trip.
But if you are pure townsman with a lot of everyday and family concerns there are artificial rock – climbing rocks, which you don’t have to choose special time and opportunity for. We cannot display this gallery
Rock climbing cultivates endurance, trains even those muscles which you didn’t know about; also it develops plastique, strength of will, memory and keenness of wit.
Rosk climbing is a priority activity of Mountain SportsWe cannot display this gallery Club. We have a lot of good rock climbers, and we have a lot of prize-winning places of main national championships. AnnualOpen Rock climbingCup of Mountaineering Federation is being won by Mountains Sports Club for few last years.
We invite all persons interested to join us and try themselves in beautiful and exciting sport – rock climbing!


Tourism is not just only cross-country foot walks and not only planned routes, but eventful and cognitive adventure, acquaintance with natural and historical monuments.We cannot display this gallery
Foot walks are the unique opportunity to see your country from inside, its millennial culture and traditions, away from dust and bustle of big cites. There are unique opportunities in mountains to explore Earths’s landscapes: in pretty short time you can travel from subtropics to eternal ice.
In fot walks time flies imperceptibly.You discover the world of native nature, sounds and colours, birds’ and plants’ lifes. We cannot display this gallery
Every physically healthy person can hadle such kind of an adventure. Foot walks and mountain hikes are, at first place self-knowledge, and then self-education. But every step to the top makes one more confident, physically and morally stronger, and teaches to set new goals and reach them.
Join the tourists on Mountains Sports Club!

Ice climbing

We cannot display this galleryIce climbing is an ascent of ice cascades by the means of special equipment.
Ice climbing is another new and prestigious passion of all extreme lovers in winter time. We cannot display this gallery This is a quite young kind of sport which recently got separated from mountaineering.
Try to do ice climbing and escape from daily stress. It’s impossible to think about office problems while you are hanged on the rope, high in the air, on frozen waterfall. Besides, you will have a chance to gain a unique experience and get so bright and wonderfull impressions that you’ll want to feel them again!

Sport orienteering

Sport orienteering is quite new kind of sport for Mountains Sports Club, but it became one of the most loved ones. It combines physical and intellectual load, which is amazing.
By means of a compass and a map you should pass certain distance in the forest (park or city), choocing the most optimal route and finding hidden checkpoints.
Join us and you will see how exciting your life will become!
You will gain amazing and interesting hobby! You will strengthen your health! Brain will work for 100%! You will learn to take right decisions quickly! You will find new friends! You will become a representative of active leisure! You will never face the problem “what to do on weekends?”. Every time after passing the route you will feel THE HAPPIEST person in the world!


We cannot display this gallery Mountaineering is a kind of sport which is aimed to ascents on mountains peaks. However, all mountaineers are sure that mountaineering is not the sport but a way of life, requiring various skills and habits. Plunge into the world of adventures, romanticism, risk and dangers by coming to mountaineering! We cannot display this gallery
Mountaineering is one of the best kinds of active leisure for altitude and mountain lovers. Mountaineering is a challenge and persistence, motion on rocks, ice and snow with for the purpose of passing the route and reaching the top, and , the main thing, – returning home safe. Up there, on the top, We cannot display this gallerythere is a world without cities and civilization, routine and wordly vanity. Here, in this world, a mountaineer can stop, have a look around and touch beautiful and, at the same time, cruel land of nature.
Many mountaineers of different grades train in Mountains Sports Club. Join us, test your strength in mountaineering, discover a new world of adventures and various impressions – and you will see that life just begins!